Call for Proposals

(Deadline: July 30th, 2017)

Please submit the following information to

Program Proposal must contain:

- Name & contact information of symposium organizer (one registration fee waived if more than one organizer)

- Names and affiliation and, if available, contact information of 4 or more speakers* (all speakers need to pay the registration fee)

- Title of the symposium

- A short description of the content

- Provisional title or topic for each individual speaker

- A statement for accepting the following specified conditions:

No subsidy of travel or accommodation expenses. Payment of registration fees by all speakers except the organizer required, confirmed by all speakers or by the organizer on behalf of all speakers, and accepting that the final program scheduling is at the discretion of the program organizers.

Specific requests for certain days/times for a session may be considered by the program committee if received early in advance and if in agreement with other speakers or sessions affected by special requests, and if they maintain coherence of the program. Such requests may, however, be rejected without reasoning.

Incomplete submissions may be rejected by the organizers without reasoning.

*Four speakers minimum for a symposium. Two hours will be allocated for each symposium. If more than four speakers, the allocated time can be distributed to the speakers at the discretion of the organizer who is supposed to chair the session. The chair can also be a speaker.

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