Conference Structure

Keynote Lectures

Bernhard Bettler (Switzerland) Molecular insights into the regulation of GABAB receptor trafficking and signaling

Moritz Helmsteadter (Germany) Connectomics: the dense reconstruction of neuronal circuits

Josep Rizo (USA) Elucidating the molecular mechanism of neurotransmitter release

Alejandro Schindler (Argentina) A novel view of neurogenesis and memory encoding in the dentate gyrus

Hongjun Song (USA) Single-cell analysis of adult neural stem cells and neurogenesis

Susanne Schoch (Germany) Epigentic dynamics in focal epilepsy


Special Interest Sessions


(contributions from all fields of basic neuroscience are welcome; abstracts and registration to be submitted before the deadline - no free oral communications) The program will start on April 7th in the afternoon and finish on April 11th about 12:00 hrs

Alois Saria (chair, Austria)

Tobias Bonhoeffer (Germany)
Nils Brose (Germany)
Stephan Schwarzacher (Germany)

IMG 3511

Karl Deisseroth explains "CLARITY" at the 2013 conference on April 13th 2013

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